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Article, November 2001

Women in Engineering Day at CSULB, College of Engineering
(College of Engineering Newsletter, Vol. XXI-01, November 2001)

Over 350 Middle, High School Girls attended the Women Engineers @ The Beach event hosted by the College of Engineering on Friday, November 9. 

For the girls in attendance, it was an opportunity to get a quick glimpse at the field of engineering and the role it plays in society's day-to-day lives. It was also an opportunity to hear from college students and working professionals in the field of Engineering and Computer Science. 

"The program was designed to wet their taste buds," said Lily Gossage, Director of the College of Engineering's Admissions and Advising Center who conceived the idea of this event. "We covered every single branch of engineering, and that's a monumental task because there is quite a bit there." 

A portion of the conference was devoted to 13 half-hour workshops with each student attending two. Among the offerings were: "The Secret of the Cellular Phone," which covered electrical engineering; "Red Light, Green Light," which focused on transportation engineering; and "Helping the Future of Medicine," which covered the biomedical engineering field. 

There were also workshops that touched on aerospace engineering, robotics, civil engineering, computer engineering, chemical engineering, electronics technology, construction, astronautics engineering, and audio and acoustic engineering. 

"I wish I would have had an event like this when I was younger," said Veena Kondapalli, a graduate student in electrical engineering who was one of the presenters in "The Secret of the Cellular Phone" workshop.